The microwave, the waste disposal, the orgasmic elasticity of the carpets: this soft, resort-style civilization irresistibly evokes the end of the world. All their activities here have a surreptitious end-of-the-world feel to them: these Californian scholars with monomaniacal passions for things French or Marxist, the various sects obsessively concerned with chastity or crime, these joggers sleepwalking in the mist like shadows that have escaped from Plato’s cave, the very real mental defectives or mongols let out of the psychiatric hospitals (this letting loose of the mad into the city seems a sure sign of the end of the world, the loosing of the seals of the Apocalypse), these obese individuals who have escaped from the hormone laboratories of their own bodies, and these drilling platforms - ‘oil sanctuaries’ - keeping watch in the night, like grand casinos, or extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Ravishing hyperrealism

Ecstatic asceticism

Multi-process tracking shot
Interactive multi-dimensionality

Mind-blowing Western Digitals 
Body Building Incorporated

Mileage unlimited

Channel Zero
- Jean Beaudrillard, America

JONATHAN CHAPLINE is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He has recently exhibited at Annarumma Gallery (Naples, Italy), Castor Gallery (New York) and Field Projects (New York). Born in Savannah, Georgia and raised in Waco, Texas, he holds a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. Chapline is also co-founder and blogger at #ffffff Walls, a site that offers an inside look at artists’ studios and their diverse practices.